JAB 40: Details

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  JAB40 Inside and Outside Covers, including insert publication Never Again / Jamais Plus

Below: Pgs. 1, 3
TOC; Publication insert, Walter 2016 (
In Memorium–Nathan Lyons

Below: Pgs. 4–5, In Memorium–Nathan Lyons

Below: Pgs. 6, 8–9, 11, from Maike Aiden’s Carrión Carries On

Pages 15–18, and 24 from Ruth Li’s Henri Chopin: the Poetry of Sound and Spaces;
leading into pg. 25, April Sheridan—NonPareil

 Pgs. 26–27, from Tim Mosely’s, Iinflections & abbe 2017:
Texturing GCCAR’s Artist’s Book Research Focus
 Special Bonus Insert: Artists’ Book Trumped-Up Empathy

  Selected pages from Lake House Tallahassee, 1972–1980

Cover of Walter 2016, the update on Walter 35 years after the publication of the original Lake House Tallahassee, 1972–1980.

Press sheet highlights from Walter 2016