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JAB publishes both commissioned and submitted articles and occasionally invite guest editors to produce theme-based issues. In addition to feature articles, JAB also includes artist pages or inserts, and has regular columns such as the Received and Noted section which lists and reviews new books, announcements of upcoming book art events, and exhibit reviews. See the Submissions page if you are interested in submitting something for an upcoming issue. And check below for what to expect for spring 2014…

JAB35 will burst forth in spring 2014. It will consist of SIX— that’s right, count ’em, 6! —artists’ books: one by Portuguese artist Isabel Baraona; another by Canadian artist Marlene MacCallum; a third by Iranian book artist Elahn Shafaei, now residing in Malaysia; a contribution by New York artist Jennifer Kornder; and the world-famous Journal of Artists’ Books OFFSET FELLOWS, Levi Sherman and Heather Buechler.

Levi and Heather, printing Isabel’s forthcoming book for JAB 35.

IN THE MEANTIME, while you are waiting in breathless anticipation for JAB35 to arrive, and as you dream about the possibilities of JABs to come. . . .

Perhaps you would like to order the facsimile issue of Johanna Drucker’s
From A to Z: OUR AN (Collective Specifics) an im partial bibliography,
now available from the Journal of Artists’ Books for only $25!

Contact Gina Ordaz at JAB World Headquarters for sales and more information:

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