JAB44 | Fall 2018

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In her essay “Lessons Learned to Pass On: Mentors and Curators,” Johanna Drucker examines some issues surrounding the identification and acquisition of artist books especially in relation to collections and exhibitions by focusing on the groundbreaking work of Clive Phillpot and Judith Hoffberg starting in the 1970s. She also writes about (among other things) the mentorship genius of the bookdealer Tony Zwicker, who had a profound effect on many book artists, including myself.

Claire Gauzente, in her text “About the Intellectual Reproducibility of an Artists’ Book,” writes about the possibility of intellectually reproducing an artists’ book based on “…reading about the processes, schemes and documentation pertaining to the making of the [pre-existing] book…” This highly speculative essay provides ways of thinking about creativity and production that may provide guidance for book artists.

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